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毒を飲むウェンズデー・アダムス【片耳/ブローチ】 Wednesday Single of Earrings/Ear clips/Brooch

¥4,200 税込

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  • ①毒ピアス The Poison Single of Earrings

  • ①毒イヤリング The Poison Single of Ear Clips

  • ②骸骨ピアス The Skull Single of Earrings

  • ②骸骨イヤリング The Skull Single of Ear Clips

  • ③毒ブローチ The Poison Brooch

  • ③骸骨ブローチ The Skull Brooch

(SCROLL DOWN FOR FNGLISH) 奇妙でおかしなアダムスファミリー、ウェンズデーの耳飾りです。 手に持つ骸骨や毒瓶がキラリと光り、背景は蜘蛛の巣やポタポタ垂れる血のデザインなど、細かい所まで楽しめるこだわりの詰まったアイテムです。 片耳ピアス、片耳イヤリング、ブローチのお好きなタイプをお選び下さい。 🉐両耳ペアでご購入頂くと割引価格でお買い得です!   デザインは、毒が入った瓶と骸骨の2タイプあります。 SIZE:H8×2.3(cm) ●ピアス素材:[キャッチ]真鍮、[その他]ステンレス、アクリル ●イヤリング素材:真鍮、アクリル ☆ご購入前に必ずFAQをお読み下さい。 For Addams lover! I've loved this movie since I was a kid, playing Addams Family with my dolls. This movie is always the funniest movie . I tried to recreate such a fun movie in every detail of the design! I hope you will wear this accessory and become a part of this mysterious and funny family. Episodes related to the production This design is a brushed-up version based on the twin earrings from the movie "The Shining" that I had made before. This time, I wanted to make them gothic and fun instead of frightening, so I added a spider web design, mirrored acrylic to add light, and other small gimmicks ✨🕸. This is a single of earrings for one ear. If you want earrings , please add two items to your cart. For both ears, you will get a discount!   There are two designs: "Poisoned Bottle" and "Skull". Size: H8 x 2.3(cm) Earring material: Acrylic, [round plate] brass, [post & catch] titanium Ear clips material.:Acrylic, Brass We can ship overseas! ☆Read FAQ before you buying☆