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黒タッセルが可愛いパンダ Single Earrings /Ear Clips


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  • 片耳(パンダ右向き) Single Earrings or clips(facing right)


  • 片耳(パンダ左向き) Single Earrings or clips(facingleft)


(SCROLL DOWN FOR FNGLISH) モノクロカラーが可愛い黒タッセルとパンダの耳飾りです。 ゴージャスなロングタッセルが目を引きます! SIZE:W2.5×H16(cm) 素材:アレルギー対応 ピアス→サージカルステンレス イヤリング→ニッケルフリー ☆ご購入前に必ずFAQをお読み下さい。 https://chakiraccho.com/faq (English) A black tassel is now available for the Panda from the regular China series! I just thought of it and tried to match it, and it was amazingly cute. I'm selling it! It's just so cute! The gorgeous long tassels is beautiful. ★This product is for single ear piercing. (In Japan, sometimes only one earring is worn asymmetrically.) If you would like to have both ears pierced, please add two earrings to your cart.★ Size: 0.9×H6.3(inch) Material: Acrylic,. Earrings -> Titanium post & brass catch Earrings -> Brass ☆Read FAQ before you buying☆ https://chakiraccho.com/faq